Choosing draperies for your windows gives you literally thousands of styles and designs from which to choose. Each fabric is a different weight to give a different feel to a room. Sheer fabrics create a light and airy feel, while the luxurious thicker fabrics are better at insulation and they appear more formal. You can layer your draperies with several fabrics in coordinating colors and patterns or with other hard treatments as well. Draperies are available in drapery panels, side panels, top treatments, such as valances and cornices and so much more!


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Custom draperies allow you the most creative window treatments of all. You have unlimited choices of fabrics in different weights, colors, patterns and textures. On top of this fact, you can choose any style you like or create a new one all of your own.

Our Draperies Selection

Layering your draperies gives you many possibilities and increases the functionality of your window treatments. Many homeowners decide to use a sheer panel as the first layer that lies closest to the window with a thicker panel as the second layer. When both operate independently of each other, you can leave the sheer panel closed to merely filter light. If you want total privacy and heat control from the sun’s hot UV rays, you simply close both of them. We custom fabricate drapery panels, side panels, top treatments and we can add trim work to give your pieces a big personality as well as tie backs and cornices and custom drapery rods.

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