Norman shutters are truly a work of art that is timeless and traditional. Wood shutters match any decor you may have and they may be painted or stained in any color you wish for a seamless integration into your home or business. Faux wood shutters are treated with special products to withstand high humidity in areas such as a laundry room, a bathroom or a kitchen. They resist warping, cracking, peeling or breaking as well as retain their color for many years.


Our Different Styles

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We fabricate your shutters as a custom product to fit any window in any size or shape.

Woodlore Shutters

Woodlore shutters are composite shutters that resist yellowing, cracking, fading, peeling, chipping and breaking, making them perfect for high humidity areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. They are made to be more durable than hardwood shutters at a lower price point as well.

Woodlore Plus Shutters

Woodlore plus shutters by Norman are a composite shutter made of ABS for its louvers, making it durable but lightweight. It works very well in very large expanses of glass and sliding glass doors to be long lasting because of the lower weight than standard shutters.

Normandy Shutters

Normandy shutters are made of all natural hardwood that is stained to bring out the natural beauty and luxurious appearance. This type of shutter has superior strength over most all other types for many years of service and they also have the invisible tilt system so you don’t actually see the tilt rod. This gives them an extremely streamlined appearance that isn’t available in standard grade shutters.

Norman Ultra Shutters

Norman Ultra shutters are made with more wood in them than any other shutter on the market to be stronger, bigger and more robust and last longest. Some of the premium qualities include unlimited color selection, mortis and tenon joints, the invisible tilt mechanism, a wide single panel width and invisible hinges for a truly streamlined product that is the best performing model in the Norman brand.

Composite Shutters

Composite Shutters let you experience the essence of real wood in rooms that require a durable or cost-effective solution. Engineered to withstand high humidity, Composite Shutters coordinate with Graber Composite Blinds and are ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other high-humidity rooms.

Benefits of Shutters

Choices of Styles

The beauty of custom-made window treatments is that you can choose from many different styles in plantation shutters. Full height shutters cover the entire window from top to bottom. Cafe style is very popular and it covers the bottom portion of your window for privacy, but leaves the top of the window uncovered to allow light into your home. Tier on tier shutters cover your entire window from top to bottom with two sets of shutters. One set of shutters is at the top, the other is at the bottom of your window and they open independently for even more light control.

Choices Of Opening

You can also have many choices of how your plantation shutters will open. The double panel style has hinges on both sides and the two vertical halves open outward like a double door opens. You can choose the quadruple panel style in which you have four panels horizontally that open in the fashion of a bi-fold door.

Great Light Control

All indoor shutters have great lighting control. You can tilt the louvers to any angle to allow more light into your home or close them entirely to keep the heat and sun outside. In addition, you can simple swing open the shutters and have full sunlight and a full view to the outside world. There are also different mounting procedures that can block the sunlight from coming in on the sides of your shutters with light strips or installing the shutters in your window with the hinges in grooves to block the additional sunlight.

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